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Clean Water

Anything that enters a storm drain goes to a local lake or river…………

Do you live on waterfront property? You do if there is a storm drain nearby! Storm drains carry runoff water to local lakes and rivers. Whatever washes off your yard and street can pollute these waters. That includes lawn fertilizer, grass clippings, pet waste, trees leaves and seeds, and car care soaps – these are all sources of phosphorus, the plant nutrient that turns lakes and rivers green with algae. Keep your runoff clean and keep our lakes and rivers clean!

Storm water runoff eventually enters the storm system through a catch basin and is discharged directly into a lake, pond, stream, river or wetland. Some of these that are in your watershed area are, Thompson Lake, Bogue Creek, Marion-Genoa Drain, and the Shiawassee River.

Do you want to get involved in protecting Howell’s Watershed Area?

Besides following the Seven Simple Steps, there are several other things that Howell residents can do.

Spread the Word – Share this information with your family and neighbors, and report illegal dumping into catch basins, and get involved with local environmental groups.

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