Lakeview and Memorial Cemeteries

All families wishing to keep memorial flowers, wreaths, artificial flowers or grave blankets must remove them by April 1st, 2018 for the City's annual Spring Cleaning.  Anything left will be discarded by the Cemetery Department.

The service of cleaning grave sites is provided twice annually, once in the spring and again in the fall . Many items are left over the winter from Holidays and other occasions for their loved ones and we provide the removal and disposal as a service. This service has always been provided to keep the Cemetery clean and ready for lawn care maintenance. Not only is this information provided in the Cemetery General Rules (see below) we also share the information on social media and in the local paper to give notice for those wishing to take their items. Items placed for Easter or other occasions throughout the Cemetery will not be removed until the Fall Cleanup which begins November 15th.


1.Spring clean-up starts April 1. All winter flowers, wreaths, artificial flowers, ornaments or grave blankets must be removed by April 1st or they will be removed by cemetery personnel. Fall clean-up starts November 15.